Physical therapy for seniors

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Home physical therapy for seniors

Who is it for?

Senior physical therapy is for patients of an advanced age. They may have suffered a loss of mobility, confidence or ability to complete daily tasks.

Why do I need it?

Physical therapy is necessary to recover function following a serious injury. It is also used to improve motor skills, to maintain independence in activities of daily living and to limit progression of chronic diseases. As well as being useful to for professional recomendations regarding living aids and orthopaedic equipment.

Patient feedback

Physiotherapy for the elderly in Valencia

Why choose Family Fisio

Rehabilitation in older people is multifactorial which means you may be treating a variety of symptoms and conditions at the same time. A good understanding of how our body interacts with itself is essential.


Becky’s experience has taught her that you need a good all-round knowledge to treat senior patients. Her training includes orthogeriatric rehabilitation (specialist orhtopeadic surgery for elderly patients), oncology,  falls prevention teams, respiratory physiotherapy and neuro-rehabiltiation. As well as this education she has extensive experience in treating Dementia patients (including Alzheimer’s).

What can you treat with physiotherapy at home?

Stroke and brain injury

To improve function and maintain independence

Long hospital stay

To recover fitness levels and return to activity


To recover correctly and prevent complications


To maintain mobility and function


To improve confidence, balance and re-ocurrance


To improve lung function and activity levels

Joint replacements

Rehabilitation of knee and hip surgery

Parkinson's disease

To maintain independence and prevent progession