Online physiotherapy consultation

Online physical therapy apppointment

The online consultation method has become increasingly popular this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lots of people may ask themselves “how can you complete a physiotherapy appointment via videocall?” because it is regarded as such a “hands on” profession. Well we are here to tell you that it is actually not as restrictive as you imagine.


It is true that palpation and manual therapy cannot be performed directly, however it can be done indirectly through instruction. And the ability to observe and more importantly to communicate with your patient is still very much available. Two of the most important tools for any physiotherapist. We obtain a lot of information through clinical history and through observation of the body’s movement. We can also interpret our patient’s symptoms through their detailed description of the sensation, intensity and area of pain.

How does an online physiotherapy consultation work?


Prior to your appointment you fill in a questionaire regarding your symptoms and more information can be requested if necessary. This extra information could be specific questions regarding your pain, photos of the area or a video of a certain movement.
When all this information has been received you can then proceed to the video call.


During the online consultation all the questions and information will be revised and discussed. There will be plenty of oportunities to ask questions or add any relevant information regarding your issue. You may be asked to perform a certain activity or specific movement during the video call to assess for pain.


Once the online assessment has been completed, you are then informed of the steps of your treatment. This may include indications to reduce pain, advice on any orthopaedic products if required, therapeutic exercise prescription, return to activty, etc. Any questions or worries the patient may have will also be adressed.


Once the rehabilitation programme has been established and all questions have been answered, you can schedule a follow-up appointment. In this videocall you will evaluate the treatment so far, exercise difficulty, any issues that have arisen and progress treatment wherever necessary.

  • First consultation online

  • 20/ 60 min
    • Prior health questionnaire
    • Revision of diagnostic images and medical reports
    • Rehabilitation programme
    • Treatment plan and exercise videos
    • Video call 60 min

  • Online revision

  • 10/ 45 min
    • Review patient
    • Review rehabilitation
    • Review treatment plan
    • Progress exercise prescription
    • Video call 45 min