Chest physiotherapy

Respiratory physical therapy

Chest physiotherapy is the speciality that treats issues arising from acute or chronic (COPD, Asthma) respiratory illnesses. One of the most common acute reasons for treatment is pneumonia, which can be of bacterial or viral origin. Depending on its severity, a chest infecion can result in varios days of hospitalisation. Cardiac patients are also treated within the speciality of respiratory physiotherapy, for exmaple following surgery, due to the intimate connection between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


Cardiorespiratory rehabilitation plays an important role to return to your previous level of activity safely and quickly. A physiotherapist can instruct you on exercises to recover your respiratory muscle strength, your lung capacity and your general fitness. These patients frequently suffer from a reduced exercise tolerance (tiredness) which can create problems to perform their daily activities. A physiotherapist ensures progression of your rehabilitation in a safe and effective manner, with help from their profound understanding of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Physiotherapy can also help to manage secondary problems arising from long periods of reduced moblity.


We have trained in respiratory therapy in the UK. Where rehabiltiation is not doctor-led like in Spain, but led by specialised respiratory physiotherapists. We have experience treating pneumonia patients in the ICU, in respiratory emergencies, in respiraory wards and in their own homes.


You can count on us for our home physiotherapy services in Valencia and start your recovery today. Initially you may need more frequent appointments than in the later stages. We can accomodate to suit your schedule and particular needs. Following your injury you may feel disheartened but we are here to guide you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

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