Hip fracture or hip replacement

Physiotherapy for hip fracture

A hip fracture, or more specifically a femur fracture, occurs more frequently in the elderly population. It can also happen to younger patients as a result of a traumatic injury or in relation to a disease. Treatment may involve an operation to repair the broken bone or conservative treatment that does not involve surgery. In the case of surgical intervention the method of repair will be determined by the type of fracture and the characteristics of the patient. It can be fixed with a hip replacement, dynamic screw or plates and nails.


Either way physiotherapy is essential to fully recover your functional abilities. Rehabilitation plays an important role in a patient’s recovery time. A physiotherapist can instruct you on exercises to recuperate your strength and movement. They also treat secondary problems that may arise in the healing phase. Like muscle aches and pains due to inmobilisation or altered movement patterns. Their objective is to guide their patient and their carers through their rehabilitation to ensure a fast and safe recovery.


We have years of experience treating hip fractures in hospitals during the post-operative phase, in homes following discharge and in rehabilitation centres during the final stages. We know that patients who participate in physiotherapy sessions on a regular basis recover quicker. Initially you may need more frequent appointments than in the later months. We can accomodate to suit your schedule and particular needs.


You can count on us for our home physiotherapy services in Valencia and start your recovery today. Following your injury you may feel disheartened but we are here to guide you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

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