Neurological physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy

Why choose Family Fisio

Neurological physiotherapy refers to the treatment of illness that affects the nervous system (which can originate from the brain, the spine or distal nerves). Rehabilitation in acute injuries are focused on reducing pain and recovering function. In chronic injuries it aims to prevent secondary complications, maintain independence and improve mobility.


Becky has specialist training in a renowed UK neuro-rehabilitation centre for acquired brain injuries, respiratory physiotherapy in neuromuscular patients, neurosurgical rehabilitation and in the neuro intensive care unit. As well as those skills Becky also have extensive training and knowledge in rehabilitation of patients with Dementia (including Alzheimer’s) and Parkinson’s disease.

What can you treat with neuro-rehabilitation?

The Word Health Organisation recommends physiotherapy treatment for all these conditions 


To improve function and maintain independence

Parkinson's disease

To improve movement and prevent complications

Carpal tunnel syndrome

To reduce pain and return to activity

Traumatic brain injury

To recover mobility and independence

Nerve root compression

To reduce pain and return to normal function


To reduce pain and improve mobility

Dementia and Alzheimer's

To maintain mobility and quality of life


Post-operative rehabilitation