Hydrotherapy Jávea

Home hydrotherapy Jávea

Home hydrotherapy Jávea is ideal to help reduce pain, stiffness and improve the range of motion. It can really help to get you moving following trauma or surgery. Patients with neurological conditions can move with more ease in the water which increases balance and confidence.


Acuatic exercise is necessary for people who have a lot of pain and struggle to complete conventional exercises. It allows you to regain strength and mobility in an environment where you can feel a redution in weight and effort.

  • Home Hydrotherapy Jávea

  • 40/ 60 min
    • Prior initial assessment required
    • Convenient and soothing
    • Private pool
    • Equipment provided

  • Hydrotherapy Benitaxell Municipal pool

  • 45/ 60 min
    • Prior initial assessment required
    • Confortable and soothing
    • Municipal pool
    • Equipment provided

Available in

Pisicina Municipal de Benitachell

Polígono Residencial de Ensanche, 547, 03726 Benitachell