Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy 

Why choose Family Fisio

Paediatric physiotherapy can be challenging due to children’s difficulty in expressing their pain. An acute sense of observation along with support from parents and carers is how to achieve success. In the same way, treating teenagers also requires a particular approach to allow better communication of issues and anxieties.


Becky has worked as part of an expert paediatric physiotherapist team in the UK, with years of experience in their fields. She also ran the out-patient musculoskeletal service for teenagers which she thoroughly enjoyed. Understanding children is easier when you are still a big kid yourself.

What can you treat in paediatric physiotherapy?

All these conditions require the assessment of a pediatric physiotherapist

Neurological conditions

To improve and maintian function and prevent further limitations

``Growing pains``

To reduce pain and return to activity

Fractures and sprains

To recover correctly and ensure no complications

Delayed milestones

To improve mobility and function

Muscle and joint pain

To relieve pain and return to activity

Sport injuries

To ensure a fast return to sport and prevent chronic injury

Back pain

To relieve pain in Scoliosis and improve postural issues


Post-operative rehabilitation