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Shaun, a master in the art of massage, has traced a path from the world of athletics to the realm of relaxation and well-being. He stands out as a consummate professional in every task he undertakes, carrying a standard of excellence that reflects in his dedication and skills.

Originally from the United States, his journey began in the world of athletics, where he competed at the national collegiate level in the 400 meters, 200 meters, and 4×400 meters relays. This immersion in high-performance sports sparked his interest in sports massage. This, coupled with his degree in psychology from the University of Georgia, has significantly contributed to his deep understanding of the importance of the mind-body connection in achieving a state of complete well-being.

Shaun is a skilled individual who, until this point, has pursued his role as a massage therapist primarily as a personal interest. Yet, he now harbors aspirations to elevate this pursuit into a more formal and professional venture.

A distinctive trait of Shaun is his ability to create an environment of tranquility and peace. Each massage session is an opportunity to disconnect from daily pressures and allow the body to regain its natural balance.

In his approach as a massage therapist, Shaun stands out for his commitment to the holistic well-being of his clients. With each session with Shaun, you’re choosing a path towards well-being and harmony.

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  • B.A. in Spanish, University of Georgia, USA
  • B.S. in Psychology, University of Georgia, USA
  • MBA

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