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Respiratory Physical Therapy inValencia

Home-based respiratory physiotherapy specialises in addressing the aftermath of acute respiratory illnesses and complications stemming from chronic conditions. Among the various diseases addressed within this discipline are COVID-19, COPD, asthma, pneumonia, and bronchiolitis, among others.

Our therapists are trained in the United Kingdom, where highly specialised respiratory physiotherapists operate in the public health sector. Additionally, we possess experience in providing respiratory physiotherapy in ICU settings, respiratory emergency units, inpatient wards, and outpatient clinics.

This branch of physiotherapy also encompasses the rehabilitation of cardiac patients, as in cases involving surgical interventions, due to the intricate interplay between the vascular and respiratory systems.

fisioterapia respiratoria Valencia
fisioterapia respiratoria

Paediatric Respiratory Services

One of the most common conditions in children is bronchiolitis. Respiratory physiotherapists not only provide guidance on nasal washing but also prescribe exercises to regain respiratory muscle strength, enhance lung capacity, and elevate overall physical endurance. Furthermore, pediatric respiratory physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in patients with neuromuscular disorders.

Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation for Adults

Respiratory physiotherapy is dedicated to addressing various acute conditions, prominently featuring pneumonia, which can be triggered by bacteria like streptococci or viruses such as the coronavirus. Depending on its severity, this lung infection may necessitate several days of hospitalization. Additionally, respiratory physiotherapy targets secondary issues that may arise following periods of immobilization.

Patients requiring respiratory physiotherapy often encounter reduced exercise tolerance, resulting in increased fatigue during daily activities. Respiratory therapists are responsible for advancing rehabilitation in a secure and efficient manner, facilitating a safe return to everyday activities.

Breathe life into your respiratory well-being with our specialised services. Whether you’re grappling with acute conditions like pneumonia or facing challenges post-immobilization, our skilled respiratory physiotherapists in Valencia are here to restore your lung health and enhance your overall vitality.

Our approach isn’t just about managing symptoms; it’s about empowering you to regain control over your breathing capacity and boost your exercise tolerance. With years of experience and training, our team is adept at tailoring personalised rehabilitation plans that accelerate your recovery journey. From the intricacies of pneumonia treatment to facilitating safe returns to your daily routines, our respiratory services encompass comprehensive care.

Don’t let breathing difficulties hold you back. Unlock the potential of your respiratory system and regain your energy and confidence. Book our respiratory services today, and breathe easier towards a healthier tomorrow.