Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for the whole Family

Paediatric physiotherapy Valencia is a specialist area of rehabilitation that includes the treatment of infants, where respiratory or developmental issues can be treated. It also refers to physiotherapy for children that have congenital diseases that affect their daily life. And finally, paediatric physiotherapy also includes the treatment for teenagers with musculoskeletal issues like fractures and sports injuries.

During the developmental years it is important for younger patients to be treated by a physiotherapist who has paediatric experience. Their experience as a paediatric physiotherapist can provide engaging therapy programmes and rule out serious pathology. This professional input can also limit progression of chronic illensess, improve mobility and reduce pain in various injuries. So that your child can get back to the “fun stuff” faster.

Paediatric physiotherapists work with babies, children and young people to develop their gross motor skills (such as walking, jumping etc.), aiming to promote independence and to help children and young people to participate and enjoy life.

fisioterapia infantil valencia
fisioterapia pediatrica valencia

Paediatric physiotherapy Valencia

Physiotherapy for infants treats problems that can appear in babies like wry neck (congenital torticollis), plagiocephaly and respiratory problems like bronchiolitis. You can visit our respiratory physiotherapy page for more information on this service.

Paediatric physical therapy in older patients tends to focus on musculoskeletal issues like sprains, scoliosis, fractures, kyphosis, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, sports injuries and postural issues.

Paediatric physical therapy Valencia at home

When it comes to neuromuscular diseases the paediatric physiotherapist works with children and their families to achieve their maximum potential and work as independently as possible. In the same way the children’s physiotherapist promotes active participation at home, at school and in the community.

Paediatric physiotherapy helps to improve range of movement, strength, flexibility and movement patterns. The ultimate goal is to make daily activities easier for patients with neuromuscular diseases.